Applying For Funds

Winter Warming Center RFQ

The Request for Qualifications was released on 7/31/2023.

Gateway Application Materials

The FY24 Gateway application will be open February 8, 2023. Submissions are due to CSB by 5pm Thursday March 8, 2023. Please contact Cathy Ellerbrock with any questions (

Permanent Housing Development Process

2023 Continuum of Care Application & 2024 Ohio Housing Finance Agency (OHFA) Application

The Continuum of Care governing body will review and prioritize any projects requesting 2024 OHFA tax credits and/or 2023 CoC bonus funds in May/June 2023.

  • For projects that request prioritization in the last year: Let us know by April 20 if you are requesting prioritization for OHFA and/or CoC funds and if there are any changes to the Project Plan. If you are requesting CoC prioritization, provide any updates by April 20. If you are only requesting OHFA prioritization, updates will be due October 6.
  • For new projects: Submit a Concept Paper by Thursday, April 20, 2023. The Information Packet and Concept Paper format are located below. Before beginning work on a Concept Paper, please reach out to us so we can consult on the feasibility of the project, given the number of projects already in the planning stage and the system’s needs.

Please send submissions to Kirstin Jones ( per the timeline below. The Information Packet and Concept Paper format are below. 


April 20, 2023

New projects: Concept Papers due to CSB

Existing projects: Confirm requests for OHFA prioritization. Confirm requests for CoC prioritization and detail any changes to Project Plans.

May 23, 2023

CoC Board discusses projects and formulates recommendations for CoC

June 7, 2023

CoC discusses, approves, and prioritizes projects

For new approved projects, the CoC will request either:

A CoC Project Application (for projects requesting CoC bonus funds)

A Project Plan (for projects requesting OHFA prioritization)

Summer 2023

CoC Project Applications due to CSB

October 6, 2023

Project Plans (new and updated) for OHFA prioritization due to CSB

November 2023

Project Plans presented to Citizens Advisory Council (and Youth Action Board, if appropriate)

Project Plans presented to PSH providers

December 2023/January 2024

CoC Board discusses OHFA projects and formulates recommendations for CoC

January 2024

CoC discusses, approves, and prioritizes OHFA projects

February 2024

OHFA tax credit applications due


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