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HOME4GOOD is a new initiative to recruit and retain landlord partners to increase access to market rate housing for people facing homelessness.

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HOME4GOOD takes a two-prong approach:

• Recruiting landlords to work with people facing homelessness
• Supporting landlords already participating in Community Shelter Board’s housing programs.


Financial incentives are available for landlords who make available 1-2-3+ bedroom units to second chance renters. Benefits include:

• Incentive payments to landlords of $500 for each 1-2 bedroom unit and $750 for each 3+ bedroom unit
• Additionally, rent and deposit assistance for tenants to increase stability
• Opportunities to directly help the community by renting to veterans, individuals, and families facing homelessness
• Vacancies will be filled quickly because there are always tenant families ready to move in!
• Community Shelter Board's partners continue to work with tenants and serve as a point of contact and support for the landlord



A Risk Mitigation Fund is available to reimburse documented property damage, loss of rent, and other related issues. The fund provides an additional safety net for landlords, beyond a normal security deposit, when housing second-chance renters. Loss may include but is not limited to documented physical damage to a property beyond normal wear and tear, lost rent, unpaid utility charges, and, in certain cases, pest extermination.


If you would like to participate as a community partner landlord or get more information about HOME4GOOD, contact Janae Casto • jcasto@csb.org • 614-715-2551

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