A Place to Call Home

A Place to Call Home is a strategic framework that articulates our community’s vision for making sure everyone has a place to call home. This is a framework for action that includes goals tailored to all populations facing homelessness served by our system of care. The goals are aligned with broader community work already underway. Goals also align with HUD performance measures to address homelessness and include priority strategies for action.

The vision and related goals in this framework serve as a fixed point on the horizon – a common direction for our efforts to continually improve and optimize our response to homelessness in Columbus and Franklin County. While we expect the vision and goals to remain relatively constant over time, strategies may change as they are achieved or when there is need to modify them based on lessons learned, changing conditions, or capacity to act. Our community’s Continuum of Care and Community Shelter Board will work with partners to annually update the strategies in the framework and periodically revisit our goals as we learn and develop more effective and systemic solutions to housing crises and homelessness.

We invite you to explore these resources and participate in the ongoing work to ensure everyone has a place to call home.


A Place to Call Home - 2022 summary 

A Place to Call Home - 2022 full report





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