Community Assessment


A comprehensive community assessment on homelessness in Columbus and Franklin County

Population growth and changing economic dynamics are widely predicted, with an unknown impact on the availability of affordable housing throughout Franklin County. This is a moment in the life of our community that demands action. Anticipated changes to our community’s economic and demographic landscape require thoughtful and intentional planning for a future that promotes community well-being and fairness for all, advances racial equity, and ensures residents countywide have access to safe, decent affordable homes.

We are proud to partner with the community, along with the City of Columbus, Franklin County, and the Columbus Partnership, and are readied to lead the process, developing solutions that address our changing needs through a Comprehensive Community Assessment. This assessment will include and involve a myriad of stakeholders, with sensitivity to those who have experienced homelessness, provider organizations, and private and public community stakeholders. The findings will be reflective of the current state in Columbus and Franklin County; and anticipatory to a future that reflects our community’s values and identity.

Purpose of the Assessment

  • Build an understanding of how housing and homelessness response systems work.
  • Build an understanding of anticipated economic and demographic changes affecting our response to homelessness and the housing market in Central Ohio.
  • Disrupt current systems that exacerbate disparities.
  • Above all, develop solutions that promote community well-being and fairness for all, advance racial equity, and ensure residents countywide have access to safe, decent, affordable homes.

CSB hired Focus Strategies, a national consulting firm, to lead the analytic process. They are assessing a series of data, processes, and policy. Analyses is informing our conversations to craft recommendations tailored to our community. RAMA Consulting is leading efforts to gather critical input from community members and stakeholders to ensure the Assessment and its resulting recommendations are grounded in community. We will test the feasibility of potential solutions and make real decisions about how to move forward together, as a community.


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