• Towel Drive

    More than 10,000 people
    will sleep in emergency shelters this year.

    Can you donate gently-used towels and twin-size sheets?

    Drop off at Van Buren Center
    595 Van Buren Drive
    Columbus, OH 43223

    Questions? Contact Caitlin at volunteer@csb.org
    or 614-715-2030 x211

Strong collective impact to REBUILD LIVES

We lead the community's response to homelessness, overseeing a network of partners delivering an array of services including homelessness prevention programming, shelter, case management, street outreach and affordable housing.

DID YOU KNOW? Using our nationally-recognized model and our Rebuilding Lives plan, we work on the full scope of homelessness priorities:

  • Linking people at imminent risk of homelessness to community resources;
  • Helping individuals and families address their immediate housing crisis;
  • Moving people from crisis to stability and
  • Advocating for policies and resources to end homelessness.

Community Shelter Board is making a strong collective impact, but our quality programs are stretched to the limit and beyond a rapidly growing wave of need. Over the last three years, use of homeless shelters has increased by 63% among families and 16% among single men and women.

Over the last five years, use of CSB's shelters has increased among families, single women and single men.

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